Senior Domestic Competitions

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Hawthorn Magic offers a variety of senior competitions operating two seasons per year.
Our senior competitions are scheduled over an Autumn / Spring season cycle:

Our senior competitions are transitioning to the traditional Summer / Winter season cycle:

The SUMMER season typically runs from October to March, covering Term 4 & 1 of the Victorian school term calendar.

The WINTER season typically runs from April to September, covering Term 2 & 3 of the Victorian school term calendar.


SUNDAY: Mixed Competition
MONDAY: Men’s Competitions
TUESDAY: Women’s Competition
WEDNESDAY: Men’s Competition
THURSDAY: Men’s Competition


Jason Weidemann
Competitions Manager
M: 0423 262 233


Hawthorn Magic operates across many facilities in Boroondara and the neighbouring region. Each competition is allocated several venues each season based on competition size and availability. View the full list of facilities currently under management.

The following venues are scheduled for the current season. Please note changes may occur on short notice due to facility availability and competition capacity limits.

SUNDAYS: Greythorn Primary and Doncaster Secondary
MONDAYS: Carey Sports Complex and Auburn High
TUESDAYS: Carey Sports Complex and Methodist Ladies College
WEDNESDAYS: Auburn High | Carey Sports Complex and Essex Heights Primary 
THURSDAYS: Boroondara Sports Complex and Carey Sports Complex

Venues may change during the course of each season.

Playing conditions, By-Laws and Codes of Conduct

All teams and their members must be familiar with Hawthorn Magic Playing Conditions, Competition By-Laws and Basketball Victoria Codes of Conduct. Please visit our Policies and Procedures page for the full list of documents and links.

PlayHQ Competition Management System

In 2020, Basketball Victoria introduced a new member and competition management solution known as PlayHQ which includes an online scoring system.

How to use the PlayHQ scoring system here.

Fee Structure and Explanation

BASKETBALL VICTORIA – Annual Participant License

Basketball Victoria has an individual member registration system in conjunction with PlayHQ. When each player registers, the system will check their individual license status, and when applicable, pay an annual fee directly to Basketball Victoria.

Players are charged for a new 365-day licence if they do not already have a current license that covers them for the entirety of the season they are registering to. This license covers any Basketball Victoria-sanctioned competition, training or event, with any club, team or association, allowing the participant to play as many times as they like within that 365-days period.

Players aged 18yrs and over the fee is $43 annually.
Players 17yrs and younger the fee is $29 annually.

For more information about this visit

This fee is payable by each player when completing their individual member registration.

TEAMMO – Senior Domestic Competition Match Fees

Hawthorn Magic operates a cashless payment system for all registration and match fees.  No cash payments are taken at venues. Hawthorn Magic uses Teammo for all senior domestic competition match payments. Teammo provides a safe, secure and versatile solution for teams to manage team accounts:

  • Collect fees from teammates
  • Pay matches directly from the app weekly or in advance
  • Automated payment reminders
  • Forfeit notification and payment

Watch this video for more information about how Teammo will make life easier for you and your team.

How can you start using Teammo?

  1. Team managers can sign up via
  2. When you sign up, you will select Hawthorn Magic. This will connect you to the association for payments and communications.
  3. You can start collecting payments from players for weekly or upfront season payments. If a forfeit occurs during the season, you can also submit this through Teammo.

Please contact if you have further questns

Registration and Match Fees

Autumn 2024 Season Fees:

Individual Member Fees:

Basketball Victoria Participant License

  • For players aged 18yrs and over the fee is $43 annually
  • For players 17yrs and younger the fee is $29 annually

Team Fees:

  • Team Registration Fee = $200
  • New Team Application Fee = $150 (first season)
  • Match Fees = $90 per round

Forfeit Fee

  • 24hr+ notification = $180
  • Less than 24hrs notice = $195
  • All forfeits need to be submitted via Teammo

Important Notes:

  1. Hawthorn Magic operates a cashless system – all fees are paid online using PlayHQ & Teammo. There are no door entry or match fees paid at any venue.
  2. All NEW teams entering Basketball Hawthorn’s Senior Domestic Competition are required to pay the New Team Application Fee (per By-Law 7.7). This is a one-time fee paid for first season of participation only.
  3. All payments made online are inclusive of GST and service provider transaction fees.
  4. Teams must comply with match payment terms using Teammo. Failure to meet these terms will result in ladder premiership points being deducted.
  5. Late entries will be accepted subject to the sufficient venue, and competition capacity and charged at the nominal late fee price as indicated above.

Team Registration

Team entries close Sunday 2 June.
Season commences week of 11 June.

For enquiries contact:
Jason Weidemann
Competitions Manager
Phone: 0423 262 233

Basketball Victoria Tribunal

As an affiliated member of Basketball Victoria (BV), all members must abide by BV’s Codes of Conduct. Breaches of these codes can result in disciplinary action sanctioned under BV Tribunal By-laws. The Tribunal has been established to deal with poor behaviour, both on and off the court, with hearings usually administered on Basketball Victoria’s behalf at local associations.

Most reports are lodged by referees but others are also empowered to lodge reports. Hearings are kept as informal as possible but certain procedures must be followed by the Tribunal Members. Tribunals are heard by independent members on behalf of Basketball Victoria. The offences under the Tribunal By-laws carry maximum penalties, with life-time bans being the most serious for physical offences against officials.

Visit Basketball Victoria Tribunal site.