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There are so many reasons to become a referee. Here are a few:

  • Earn money and work flexible hours
  • Be physically active and get fit
  • Be involved in basketball (especially if you love the game)
  • Gain a better understanding of basketball and its rules
  • Meet new people, make new friends and share many great experiences
  • Improve your life skills (e.g. communication, independence, confidence, decision making and awareness)

This is dependent entirely on you.
Trainees are required to attend 4 theory sessions and referee at least one day per week for approximately 7 weeks.
Qualified referees can choose a permanent position on a roster or a casual/emergency referee on any shift. Shifts run every day of the week.

It varies on the grade of the referee and whether it is a senior or junior competition. Payments range from $5 when starting to $22 per game for HBA domestic competitions.

All referees are coached and observed regularly by a team of Shift Supervisors, the Referee Adviser, referee coaches and senior referees who all provide feedback and solutions to areas for improvement. This is coupled with experience you gain each week by being faced with challenges that you learn to overcome. With this experience and knowledge come better opportunities to referee higher quality games and be paid at a higher rate.

Previously qualified referees wanting to return to officiating can fill out our online form and we will make contact with you.


U23’s, Men’s and Mixed Basketball Comp.
2:30pm to 5:30pm Box Hill Senior – U23s. 4:45pm to 8:30pm Kew High – Men’s and Mixed.


Senior Men’s Basketball Comp.
6:30 pm to 10:00 pm at Auburn High, Trinity Grammar Kew or Greythorn Primary

Senior Women’s Basketball Comp.
6:30 pm to 10:00 pm MLC or Carey Sports Centre

Senior Men’s Basketball Comp.
6:30 pm to 10:00 pm at Auburn High or Carey Sports Complex Bulleen

Senior Men’s Basketball Comp.
6:30 pm to 10:00 pm at BSC, KEW or MLC

Junior Rep Basketball. (Hawthorn Magic Juniors)
6:30 pm to 11:00 pm at BSC


8:30 am to 7:00 pm at Various Stadiums – CBL, managed by Camberwell Basketball, and EDJBA


If you have any questions about our referees program please contact:

Alex Scott
TOC Administrator
E: referees@hawthornbasketball.com.au
P: (03) 8529 4614
M: 0412 627 925

Referee Education

Green Shirt Program

Across Australia, many sports have difficulty recruiting and retaining officials. Basketball is no exception.

At the time the green shirt program was introduced, the number of officials in Australian sport had dropped by 26% within a four year period. Some sports had indicated they were losing more than 50% of new recruits in one season.

Australian grassroots sport faces a crisis with the continuing decline in the number of officials being recruited or staying in the system. Harassment, abuse and lack of respect for officials have been identified as major causes of the declining number of people officiating.

The Green Shirt program is a nationally recognised program developed as a way to easily identify and protect the learner official.

Simply put it means that if you see officials wearing a green referee shirt it is important to understand they are beginners and and are “learning on the job”.

green shirt program for referees

What to do if you have a Green Shirt on your Game

- Be supportive of the Green Shirt and role model positive behaviour

- Supporters should only cheer and support the team

- Refrain from any direct communication with a Green Shirt referee

- Communication can be directed to the Striped Shirt (Black & White) official, Mentor/Trainer or Venue Supervisor at an appropriate time, away from the Green Shirt

- Should an appropriate time not present itself during the game, or at all on game day, questions should be sent to your appropriate contact point for escalation.

The HBA supports a zero-tolerance policy towards any behaviour that is deemed contrary to expectations. Unacceptable behaviour or language directed at Green Shirt should expect to be dealt with accordingly.

Referee Numbers and Retention

The HBA continues to experience a referee shortage and can ill afford to be losing referees due to abuse-related burnout. The average age of HBA officials is 16.5 years.

How can you help?

  • Be understanding and supportive of all officials – No officials = No game
  • Communicate with officials in a polite and appropriate manner at all times
  • Role model positive behaviour

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