Magic Teams
When selecting Magic teams we consider the following –

*The dynamics of the team as a whole and how athletes for selection fit into this dynamic.
*Individual and team play characteristics of the athletes for selection
*Magic’s objectives for the long term development of the representative program.
*The number of athletes that meet magic’s selection guidelines at trials and available coaches will determine team numbers at each age group.   This is fluid and may change from year to year.

Athlete selections are always subjective, Coaches will do their best to select athletes into teams that they believe together will be able to compete at the highest level.

Number of athletes in a team.
It is our goal in selection to place all available athletes with ability and or potential to play representative basketball in a team. Generally we select upto 10 athletes for each side.
The VJBL rules allow for upto 12 athletes in U18s and U20s teams only, magic prefer to keep teams participants at 10 but we review this on team by team basis.
Where the number of athletes available for a team is below 7 the formation of that team will be decided on a team by team basis.

At all levels the Junior Magic program aspires for its teams to realise their potential, to qualify for as high a grade as possible and to enjoy a successful season.