The Hawthorn Magic program has two goals:

  1. To give local kids the opportunity to achieve their goals and dreams in sport, and

  2. To provide an outstanding service to the local community

Representative basketball requires a moderate level of commitment from players and their families.  Once selected, representative players are required to attend two (2) training sessions per week. Players must then attend their games on Friday evenings. Unlike domestic basketball, where regular missed training sessions or games is the norm, selection in a representative basketball team requires players to attend training wherever and whenever possible.

Common Player & Parent Expectations

– Represent Hawthorn Magic with pride, and good sportsmanship,
– Be available to play in all Friday night games and compulsory tournaments,
– Prioritise their attendance at all training sessions,
– Observe club rules relating to the wearing of playing, warm-up & training uniform,
– Respect and support their coach, teammates and opposition,
– Abide by Basketball Victoria’s Parents’ & Players’ Code of Conduct, 
– Pay their registration fees by the agreed upon date

Codes of Conduct Expectations

All participants in Hawthorn Magic programs are required to abide by Basketball Victoria’s policies regarding participant and spectator conduct. Please see links below.