Basketball Hawthorn Community Partners

Co Community Partners

Hawthorn Magic is thrilled to have a powerful partnership with McDonald's and Jellis Craig. Together, we're committed to creating unforgettable experiences and fostering community growth were we will leave a lasting impact on our community. Both McDonald's and Jellis Craig support fuels our success and makes a world of difference.

Having McDonald's & Jellis Craig as co-sponsors for our club brings several exciting benefits:

  • Financial Support: sponsorship provides vital financial backing for our club's activities and growth.
  • Visibility: Brands that add prestige and recognition to our club, attracting more attention and potential members.
  • Community Engagement: Both are household name, fostering a strong connection with the local community and helping us build meaningful relationships.
  • Event Opportunities: We can collaborate on special events, promotions, and giveaways, enhancing our members' experience.
  • Resources: Resources and expertise can help us run our club more efficiently and effectively.

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If your business is interested in partnering with the Basketball Hawthorn or the Hawthorn Magic program please contact us.